Light Pollution by Adam Marshall
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I thought i’d upload these fairly old ‘experimental’ pictures “for Science”. I love taking pictures of the night sky, especially when there are just a few layers of clouds to add a sense of scale, distance and movement into the scene. 
I thought i’d mention just how important it is to consider location and weather when it comes to taking pictures of the night sky. When you have a fine layer of mist in the atmosphere, or lots of clouds, the light pollution can completely throw off the entire colour balance of a shot, particularly in longer exposures. Sometimes, if you’re prepared for it, you can get an incredible orange sheen over your entire image. In most cases though, you will want to shoot far away from civilisation. It all depends on the shot and what you’re trying to achieve. On this particular trip, I figured i’d see what I could capture, and came out with some interesting colours and shots. It’s always worth trying something new, even if it’s not you your desired effect! Part of me likes these shots, part of me says there’s a reason I left them on my hard drive for so long. For Science! 


Francesca Solloway
England, UK
Mamyia RB 67 Pro S | Canon 1000D

Tell us about your ‘Altered’ project. What’s the meaning behind it?

The project Altered came out of the ideas around change and development with in the modern world. The world is ever changing and our cities are growing, gradually invading on areas of natural beauty. While this development is a part of our western culture, I found it sad too think that in a few years time we could be faced with choice’s about what landscapes we loose and what ones we keep.

The work in this sense challenges this idea, by taking photos of areas that could be seen as sublime and digitally altering them in a way that could be seen as scaring the landscape. I chose the pylons to do this as they are something we see on a daily basis, and are essential to our modern desires for energy. I added them as if they were blueprints; just an idea, nothing more, in doing this I wanted the viewer to make their own judgements on the work, to bring their ideas about energy and our ever changing landscape to the work it’s self.

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